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Fairly new to the scene, Aquamax was quick to take the market by storm with their good value, innovative products and stainless steel expertise. Bought by Rheem in 2009.


Aquamax was founded in 1988 when a small team of Australian engineers set out to design a more efficient hot water system.

In 2009 Aquamax was bought out by the giant Rheem, but still continues to grow and improve:

Here are the things we think you should know about Aquamax:

  • All Aquamax units are manufactured in Australia, in a plant in Victoria.
  • Manufacture instant gas heaters, gas storage and electric storage heaters.
  • Sadly, do not make solar hot water systems.
  • Reputation in the industry for reliability.
  • After sales service by Rheem
  • Stainless steel mixing valve (see our explanation of why this is important below)

Aquamax are seen in the industry as stainless steel specialists, and part of what made them stand out from any other hot water manufacturing brand originally, was that they could do things with stainless steel other brands could not. Additionally, one of the main technologies Aquamax has pioneered is the mixing valve on a stainless steel tank which allowed hot water to be delivered in much higher quantities at a much higher temperature than what was on the market. Aquamax provide a very reliable product and once again are backed by Rheem’s fantastic after sale service.