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Bosch is a German multinational engineering and electronics company headquartered in Gerlingen, near Stuttgart, Germany.


Bosch was founded in 1886 in when Robert Bosch opened an engineering workshop in Germany.

Dealing originally in car engines and servicing, Bosch continued to grow through the electrical engineering industry when in 1936 they acquired the heating technology division of a competing business.

This has lead the Bosch brand to eventually become a global corporation with branches in a vast number of fields such as home appliances, software, cars and of course hot water systems.

Here’s what we think you should know about Bosch:

  • Oldest company currently offering hot water in Australia
  • Extremely charitable organisation,¬†supporting a large number of charitable institutions and projects with an emphasis on those that nurture young academic talent
  • Mostly a high quality product
  • There has been some issue with some recent imported products, whether Bosch has corrected this and it is only temporary or whether it is here to stay we are still unsure
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As is with all Bosch technologies their hot water systems are high in quality and have held a strong place in the market for a number of years.