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A very environmentally conscious company, Dux strives to be at the forefront of green technology despite a shrinking market share in recent years.


Dux is an Australian owned hot water manufacturer established in 1915 who is currently owned by the GWA group who operates in other home product brands such as Caroma, Dorf and Gliderol.

Dux had previously been at the forefront of the hot water market however in recent years they seem to have been becoming less and less prevalent.

Here are some things we think you should know about Dux:

  • They are much smaller in the Australian market than they used to be
  • Unlike most of the market, they aren’t owned by Rheem
  • They are a very environmental business
  • Has a large research and development department with a focus on sustainable technology
  • Most of their hot water services are manufactured in Australia, only some of their gas instantaneous parts are imported

Dux boasts its constant aim to the leader in environmentally friendly hot water systems, and continuous to promote its research and development in this direction. Unfortunately we do not sell Dux hot water systems however they do provide quite a reliable unit.