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Rheem is the 80lb gorilla in the Australian hot water market. Australia's biggest hot water brand in its own right, and also owner of many of the other brands on this page. Started in 1936 with after sale service that is second to none.


Rheem was established in Melbourne in 1936 and since 2001 has been owned by Paloma Co, an international water heating and space heating technology and manufacturing.

Almost all of Rheem’s manufacturing is done in Sydney, with smaller manufacturing operations in Perth and Melbourne, however their Gas continuous flow units are made in Japan. While this may seem very small part, a large percentage of Rheem’s sales are in these units.

Here’s everything you need to know about Rheem:

  • Market leader in commercial hot water
  • Own almost every other hot water brand in the Australian market (Vulcan, Edwards, Aquamax and Solahart)
  • Control a large share of the market
  • Historically strong in mains pressure units, had to catch up quickly when instantaneous systems became popular
  • Premium brand, provides high quality systems
  • Has in place one of the best after sale services in the market
  • Offers the standard 5 or 10 year warranty on systems