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Rinnai are a Japanese brand with a strong presence in the hot water market with their Infinity line of systems and reputation for durability.


Rinnai has been operational for over 40 years and is part of the massive Rinnai group of corporations. Rinnai make a very high quality product and deal mostly in instantaneous heating. They are considered in the market to be a very durable product and don’t often have issues within their warranty, but when they do they are usually complicated to fix. This shouldn’t steer people away, as almost all Rinnai products are reliable and safe.

Here’s everything we think you should know about Rinnai:

  • They make a very reliable, durable system
  • This durability however leads to a sort of overconfidence, in that their after sale service is not quite up to standard
  • They are a Japanese company so their prices are dependant on the strength or weakness of the Australian dollar
  • They’ve developed a recognisable brand name with their Infinity line of systems
  • Offer quite a large range of systems, despite not dealing in gas and electric mains pressure tanks
  • They offer some of the best stainless steel products and electric instantaneous gas heaters in the market
  • Their has been some quality issues with a few of their imported products in the past however