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Solahart are Australia’s go to name in solar hot water heating, with more systems installed in Australia than anyone else and a constantly innovating drive. And guess what... they are owned by Rheem!


Solahart is one of Australia’s most recognisable names in solar hot water systems. Since 1953 Solahart have sold over a million solar systems worldwide, and currently have more solar systems installed in Australia than all the competitors combined.

Here’s everything we think you should know about Solahart:

  • Largest solar hot water provider in Australia
  • The Solahart thermosiphon system is the world’s number 1 selling solar hot water heater
  • Owned by Rheem since 2001 however, still work independently and own and operate their own after sales network
  • Unfortunately Solahart systems can only be sold through licensed Solahart dealerships
  • While there are around 80-100 of these Australia wide it can put a limited availability on potential customers
  • Offer a very generous warranty, which they will maintain for the life of the unit
  • Almost 91% of the bits and pieces that go into a Solahart hot water system are Australian products
  • Slightly limited range, especially in gas solar systems