Interest Free Hot Water Systems

Replace your hot water system now, pay later.

Hot water systems don’t discriminate when and where they expire. Emergencies can happen at the most inconvenient times and, we understand, you may not have savings set aside for home improvements.

But a broken hot water tank isn’t something you can put up with for long.

It’s probably the most important unit in your house and you deserve such a basic need fixed fast. If your system breaks suddenly and you’re not prepared, it’s been showing signs of losing performance or you simply need to use your savings for something else, we can help.

We can arrange an interest-free payment plan for instant hot water system emergency replacements.

You won’t have to worry about putting the money together now for the installation cost and stretching yourself too thin for months. This alleviates ‘grudge-purchase’ feelings and allows you to enjoy it. You can make an informed decision about the unit that’s best for your house, instead of worrying about the initial outlay. The interest-free option helps you save spending now and on operational costs in the long run, because you’re choosing a premium, energy-efficient model.

Adelaide Hot Water Plumbers

Your hot water system, financed through humm.

Get your new hot water system now and pay it off slowly, without interest.

The idea is to split your new hot water system installation cost into affordable, manageable repayments. You won’t have buyer’s regret because you’re not paying a cent in interest. It’s a win-win way to upgrade your system and stay out of hot water emergencies.

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