Rheem 491 Electric Storage Water Heater

The Rheem 491 Water Heater is as ethical as electric systems get.

Designed for the eco-conscious family of five, the Rheem 491 is the perfect, switchover hot water system. Easily replace your old power-hungry electric unit, with this model with similar fitting locations. Connect to lower cost tariffs for lower running costs.

Enjoy a generous 250L of steamy hot water. For busier bathrooms, the twin element model supports higher demand (with a daytime boost).

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A reliable, maximum-performing hot water unit

The Rheem 491 Electric Storage system is your remedy for ‘power bill anxiety’. An easy replacement model, thanks to the shared footprint, upgrading your old electric heater has never been easier. Shower in cleaner, fresher water with a thicker sacrificial anode, protecting the cylinder from contaminants.

Why Rheem?

  • The ideal hot water system for larger households
  • A tough, long-lasting cylinder with the Rheem-only Ultranamel ®Class Y enamel
  • Connected to mains pressure. Adjust to deliver 50°C water at the tap.
  • Ability to leverage low tariffs for greater control over your system
  • Manufactured in Australia.

Service & Maintenance

This model comes with a 12 Year cylinder warranty, with one year on parts and labour.

For more information about the Rheem 491Electric Storage System or advice from hot water system Adelaide experts, contact us today.


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