Rheem MPi-325 Series II Heat Pump Water Heater

325L, 5 people, endless hot water.

The Rheem MPi-325 Series II Heat Pump is made for standard-size families, still using an electric system. It’s an easy switchover, sharing common plumbing and electrical connections.

With its quiet as a whisper hum, you’ll forget this system is even there. The Rheem MPi-325 Series II is perfect for warmer climates, just like South Australia. Upgrade your living, with this top-class heat pump from an Australian family favourite brand.

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Love hot showers? This system goes up to 50°C.

Enjoy steamy, relaxing showers at your preferred temperature. With the system’s maximum temperature setting, you can be sure the water remains at a safe level. Take advantage of the fitting locations that mirror electric heaters for a fast upgrade. The back-up electric element will keep your showers uninterrupted with instant hot water, throughout winter.

Why Rheem?

  • The heat pump module sits below the fence line to muffle any noise
  • Two-part design for a smooth, stress-free installation
  • Enjoy a 6-star energy rating
  • Eligible for STCs, making it a financially beneficial decision
  • Serving Australian families since 1939.

Service & Maintenance

This hot water unit comes with a 5 Year cylinder warranty (and three years on labour), two years on sealed systems (including labour), and one-year on all other parts and labour.

For more information about the Rheem MPi-325 Series II or advice from hot water system Adelaide experts, contact us today.


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