Rheem Stellar 330 Gas Storage Water Heater

This hot water unit is made for households of two to five people, making it a favourite for South Australian families.

With its 5.2-star energy rating and ability to quickly replace hot water as you’re using it, Rheem Stellar 330 is in a league of its own. Experience 330L of hot water in the first hour of use – then a fast 200L/hour hot water recovery to get you back into ‘happy place’ mode.

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Steady, hot and, oh-so-delightful, hot water. Multiple taps at once. No morning fights.

No more “you burned me” or “using all the hot water” feuds, with the Rheem Stellar 330. Enjoy instant hot water, pre-heated and ready to use (and fast recovery, if you ever lose track of time in the shower). An inexpensive hot water system to run with design qualities that suit modern homes, it’s no wonder families love this.

Why Rheem?

  • No fluctuations in water pressure (even if someone else is showering)
  • A generous 330L first hour capacity of steamy hot water
  • Rheem Superflue® for incredible performance
  • Suitable for connection to natural gas
  • Manufactured in Australia. Ask about rebates!

Service & Maintenance

This model comes with a 10 Year main component warranty, with three years on parts and labour. Rheem recommends regular service intervals of 6-12 months.

For more information about the Rheem Stellar 330 Gas Storage Unit or advice from hot water system Adelaide experts, contact us today.


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