SA Government Hot Water Rebates

The SA Government Hot Water Rebates might help pay for your new hot water system.

Worried about the cost of upgrading or replacing your hot water system? The South Australian Government is giving homeowners a helping hand. If you currently have an electric unit, you’ve got your pick of the rebates.

There are rebates up to $1,500 to switch to gas, $2,000 for heat pumps, and $2,500 for solar hot water. Want to find out how much you’re eligible for?

Use the quick four-question system below. We know hot water language can be a little confusing at times. Don’t get confused by industry phrases and acronyms.

Sadly the Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme (REES) has come to an end for 2020, but don’t worry! The SA government have announced a new scheme to replace REES called the Retailer Energy Productivity Scheme (REPS). At this stage, we see no significant changes and hope to have an update soon with exactly what will be on offer in the new year, so please still feel free to get in contact and we can get you quoted & ready for install in early 2021. If the replacement is an emergency, we have temporary hot water units on standby to ensure you still have hot water flowing.

Check your eligibility:


REES (Retailer Energy Efficiency Scheme):
It’s a South Australian energy efficiency scheme that encourages you to move towards more energy efficient hot water. The REES helps make energy savings more affordable and it contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases.

STCs (Small Scale Technology Certificates):
A Federal Government initiative, STCs are determined, based on location, installation date, and amount of displaced MWh the solar or heat pump hot water has over the course of its lifetime. For more information you can visit:

AGN (Australian Gas Networks):
AGN encourage you to connect to the natural gas network, in the form of rebates for converting a hot water system. They’re also offering an additional new connection bonus to help reduce the cost of the initial connection from the meter to the home. For more information and to view a copy of their privacy act please visit:

Available for both natural and LPG, reticulated gas is the distribution via a network of pipes. It moves gas from a storage location and services a multitude of customers. If you have a meter on your property, you’re connected to the mains (reticulated) gas supply.

A single, detached dwelling or two (or more) attached dwellings separated by a fire-resistant wall. This includes a maisonette, row house, townhouse, and single-storey flats or units.

A multi-storey building containing two or more sole-occupancy units, where each is a separate dwelling. For example, an apartment or flat in a multi-storey building.

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All rebate & installation prices are subject to site inspection & changes to government incentives – Contact us today to determine your eligibility.
REES: Sites eligible for the REES rebate are those that have not replaced the hot water system under REES before, are in an existing Class 1 home, or in a new or existing Class 2 multi storey apartment building. Class 1, existing homes, connected to a reticulated gas supply are ineligible. These offers are only available on supply and installation of the system by GM HOTWATER or their accredited representative and all REES credits created under these offers must be assigned to their nominated energy retailer. Trades Services South Australia (TSSA) is the responsible party for all REES related claims and activities performed by GM HOTWATER. Any issues or queries regarding installation or warranty, please contact TSSA on 1300 430 917.
STC: Subject to going STC rate upon installation
AGN: The Australian Gas Networks free street to meter connection, new connection bonus & Category A appliance installation rebates are valid until 13/12/19. The new connection bonus is only available to customers who connect their existing home to natural gas for the very first time and install at least one major gas appliance (such as a hot water system). For more information, terms and conditions and to view a copy of their privacy act please visit –
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