Hot Water Brands

Find your family’s favourite hot water unit brand.

The world of hot water can be complex and confusing. There are dozens of brands and thousands of models so, it can be tricky to know which one best suits your family’s needs.

Maybe you’ve been loyal to a specific brand for years or you choose according to other appliances in your house. Whatever your situation is, dip into our hot water system Adelaide team’s knowledge when you’re looking at servicing, repairing or upgrading your system.

Because we only work in hot water, you can know our advice is neutral, objective, and tailored to your requirements. Plus, we only stock premium, top-tier brands including:

But before you settle on the hot water brand.

It’s important to determine which product type suits you (Gas, Electric, Heat Pump or Solar). It comes back to your needs, preferences, priorities, and the layout of your house. We’re here to help you unpack this information and make an informed, confident decision (based on your desired hot water system price range).

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