Aquamax G270SS Gas Storage Water Heater

It’s won awards for Excellence in Energy Efficiency, standing by its commitment of ‘giving you more in hot water.’

With 5-star energy efficiency, stylish stainless steel cylinders, and 185L/hour of recovery hot water, the AquaMax G270SS is a family favourite. This hot water system satisfies families of up to four, with single or double bathrooms, enjoying 270L of steamy hot water in the first hour. Powered by natural gas, you’ll love your new, guilt-free shower time.

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Up to 205L of hot water per hour, you say? 

The AquaMax G270SS in-built mixing valve allows you to boost your hot water delivery to up to a massive 205L/hour (at certain temperatures). Just in case you want to stand in luxury a little longer, the intuitive hot water recovery takes care of you. It’s a feature you’ll love in times of heavy demand, like when you’ve got guests.

Why AquaMax?

  • Australian made stainless steel, premium quality
  • The gas heater that helps drop your energy costs
  • Better corrosion resistance compared to standard enamel steel cylinders
  • Lighter stainless steel for easier, cost-effective installation
  • No required anode for longer lifetime value.

Service & Maintenance

This hot water unit comes with a 12 Year cylinder warranty. AquaMax recommend a comprehensive service every six years to maintain a high efficiency.

For more information about the AquaMax G270SS Gas Storage Heater or advice from hot water system Adelaide experts, contact us today.


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