Rheem Loline 511 Electric Boosted Solar Water Heater

Solar, with all the perks of electric hot water unit.

You no longer need to choose between comfort and the planet, when you upgrade to solar hot water with the Rheem Loline 511 Electric Boosted Solar system. Ideal for warmer climates with high water quality, the Loline 511 delivers ethically heated water to families of up to six.

With the electric boost, you’ll never run out of instant hot water. This unit takes care of all your hot water needs, without compromising the environment. Reduce your energy use and join the solar revolution. It’s time to act!

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It’s no wonder Rheem is Australia’s favourite name in hot water.

The Rheem Loline 511 turns up the savings… on your energy usage and the environment. It’s a guilt-free way to shower, saving up to 65% in consumption. Hot water is available, no matter what Mother Nature is doing. On cloudy, rainy days, the electric boost kicks into gear. For emergency replacements, run this heater on the boost until your collectors are fitted.

Why Rheem?

  • Large 325L capacity
  • Drain-back heat exchange technology, unique to Rheem Loline. No overheating!
  • Reduces structural load on your roof
  • Suitable with NPT or LCS collectors
  • Eligible for STCs. Pay less, earn as you shower.

Service & Maintenance

This model comes with a 5 Year cylinder and collector warranty, with three years on cylinder labour and further one year on all other parts.

For more information about the Rheem Loline 511 Electric Boosted Solar System or advice from hot water system Adelaide experts, contact us today.


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