Rinnai Infinity 20 Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System

You’ll never run out of hot water with the Rinnai Infinity 20 but, shhhh… don’t tell the kids.

A 6.1-star continuous flow gas hot water unit, this system delivers unbeatable performance. Perfect for one-bathroom homes, this economical system only heats the water you need.

Celebrated as the most energy efficient 20L in its range, the Rinnai 20 belongs in the everyday Adelaide household (and harsh South Australian weather). Enjoy the built-in temperature control, additional safety monitoring, and puretemp™ stability technology.

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Reduce your water costs with the eco-smart Rinnai Infinity 20.

This a guilt-free hot water heater that pays for itself with savings that compound over time. Available in LPG or natural gas, the Rinnai Infinity 20’s compact design is a delight to look at. No more obtrusive, bulky units that takeover valuable backyard real estate.

Love hot showers? You’ve met your match. Rinnai Infinity 20 is suitable for higher ambient water temperatures. Speaking of compatibility, it’s perfect with low flow-rated fixtures (3 Star – 7.0 to 9.0 l/min).

Why Rinnai?

  • Impeccable Japanese design and extensive after-sales support
  • A cost-effective alternative to gas storage tanks
  • Made with the environment in mind (and your budget)
  • Government rebates available to offset the unit’s cost
  • Support of local technical partners (like us).

Service & Maintenance

This model comes with a 12 Year main component warranty with three years on parts and labour. Rinnai recommend a comprehensive service every three years to maintain a high efficiency.

For more information about the Rinnai Infinity 20 Continuous Flow Gas or advice from hot water system Adelaide experts, contact us today.


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