Aquamax Electric Storage Vitreous Enamel Water Heater

The large delivery, low-cost electric hot water system.

The 250L mains pressure AquaMax Electric Storage Vitreous Enamel Hot Water System is as flexible as they come. ‘Meet’ the latest version of this system, with an improved design for smoother replacements.

With a high-quality vitreous enamel enclosed in a rounded steel casing, the unit brings as much aesthetics into your home as it does functionality… beautiful enough to install inside, if you desire.

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Take advantage of lower-cost, off-peak tariffs with an AquaMax.

Serving three people with the off-peak (night rate) and up to five, with the continuous tariff, with a 70°C maximum thermostat setting, you’ll enjoy the hottest of hot showers. This award-winning system is built with the latest technological smarts for Aussie conditions, no matter where you live.

Why AquaMax?

  • Install indoors or outdoors, unlike many systems
  • All testing performed in-house, at the AquaMax factory
  • Combined with a sacrificial anode
  • No need to worry about guests coming over
  • The electric hot water tank that helps you save on running costs.

Service & Maintenance

This model comes with a 10 Year cylinder warranty, with 12 months on parts and labour. Rinnai recommend a comprehensive service every three years to maintain a high efficiency.

For more information about the AquaMax Electric Storage Vitreous Enamel or advice from hot water system Adelaide experts, contact us today.


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