Rinnai Sunmaster System 7 Flat Plate Solar Hot Water System

Shower, as long as you want, with guilt-free hot water heated by the sun.

The Rinnai Sunmaster System is the result of 40 years designing hot water heaters. This is the next era: making the most of free energy from the sun, with an affordable investment. A flat plate solar system, the Rinnai 7 comprises a ground-mounted storage tank and collectors on the roof.

The aluminium fin solar collectors won’t impact the look of your roofline, with no tweaks required. An electric boost will keep the water flowing. Reduce your environmental impact and make your family more self-sufficient.

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Join the solar hot water movement!

Enjoy maximum efficiency, with this non-demanding solar hot water unit. Leverage nature’s endless power to supply hot water to your home… without compromising the visual look of your roof. Find a home for the tank inside or out, wherever you please with its convenient slimline design.

Why Rinnai?

  • Only see the stylish collectors on the roof. A seamless integration.
  • Cost-efficient glass lined cylinders (in vitreous enamel)
  • Slimline tank for easy installation. Perfect for all home sizes.
  • A system that generates High Scale Certificates. Earn as you shower!
  • Never run out of hot water, with the reliable boost.

Service & Maintenance

This model comes with a 7 Year Solar Collectors warranty and ten years on the storage tank.

For more information about the Rinnai Sunmaster System 7 Flat Plate Solar or advice from hot water system Adelaide experts, contact us today.


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